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Welcome to the official site of the Indiana State Trappers Association
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CoyoteThe Indiana State Trappers Association (ISTA)  is a 501 (c) 3 Not-for-Profit organization (pending), registered in Indiana (EIN: 27-0894484), that is dedicated to:

  • Conserving Indiana fur resources
  • Preserving trappers' rights, history, and heritage for everyone
  • Educating the future trappers of the State of Indiana in the approved methods, ethics, and issues associated with safely trapping animals while avoiding unwanted catches
  • Increasing public awareness of trapping issues and benefits
  • Maintaining and developing trapping seasons and rules
  • Connecting trappers with people who need animal damage control or help with animal related issues

The ISTA is the place to connect with other trappers, find trapping related events and activities, as well as trapping education classes.  We offer education programs, materials, and aids to those just learning the art of trapping as well as to those who have enjoyed trapping for a long time.  Scholarships are issued yearly to students attending advanced education that is related to trapping and the great out of doors. There is a yearly Convention and Rendezvous, in September, where business is transacted and vendors come to sell their wares.  A tailgating section is always a popular place where used equipment can be bought, sold, or traded for.  Within the pages of the website, you will be able to meet the officers who currently keep the ISTA going.   There are links, emails, and phone numbers to contact them.  We maintain a Calendar that lists coming events, their location, and contacts for further information.  Photo Albums are constantly be updated.  There is a link for Indiana's currently registered Fur Buyers and a page of web links to other trapping related businesses and organizations.  Be sure to let them know where you found them.  We hope you enjoy visiting our website.  Some parts of it are still under construction, so if you encounter difficulties, please don't be discouraged.  You may report them to Fred Philips, DVM at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or leave him a message at 765.938.1806.  Thank you for visiting.


Watch your top knot.  Keep your eyes along the skyline.


PS: To join us: please contact the ISTA at PO BOX 375, Centerville, IN 47330.  See the bottom left of the front page for a link to a membership form. Click on it, and then download the form from the link at the mid-left on the next page.  Please print it out, fill it in, and mail it to us.  I apologize that our online store is not yet active and check out will not work at this time.  We hope to have that fixed in the near future. Thank you!

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ISTA 53rd Convention and Rendezvous COMING SOON PDF Print E-mail

The 53rd ISTA Convention and Rendezvous will be Sept. 12 & 13, 2014 at the Tipton County 4-H Fairgrounds, 1200 S. Main St. (SR 19), Tipton, IN  46072.  We are looking for nominations for scholarships, Trapper of the Year, and the Trapper’s Hall of Fame.  Ron Elliott (219.241.1299) and Amos Malstaff (219.767.2523) have agreed to ride shotgun on this.  If you have a suggestion, please give them a call today.

The membership meeting will be held Saturday morning at 10am EST.  One very important topic of discussion will be our membership dues.  The Trapper’s Post magazine cost to the ISTA will be increasing to $13.00 per year Sept. 1st, 2014.  That is the second straight year for a $1.00 increase.  Last year, the ISTA just absorbed the cost increase, even though it put us in the hole for Junior memberships.  The newsletters have cost us around $3.00 each to compose, print, stuff and mail.  The Ballot costs us around $1.00.   We pay the FTA $100.00 total (@ $0.50/member) for our Affiliation and we pay the NTA $452 (@ $1.20 per member) total for our Affiliation and our Liability Insurance.  Using these estimates:  ISTA Membership w/o Magazine cost us $8.70, we charge $15.00, clear $6.30 per member.  ISTA Junior Membership w/Magazine cost us $21.70, we charge $15.00, costs us $6.70 per member.  ISTA Adult Membership w/ Magazine cost us $21.70, we charge $30.00 - $5.00 to the Legal Defense Fund, clear $3.30 per member.   For the Total year, we spend about $16,000 to maintain the ISTA, or $16,000 / 400 members is @$40.00 per member for costs.  Half of that cost is raised by volunteers running Fur Sales, Auctions, Give-A-Way Events and then some donations that come in.  A quarter of the cost is covered by Share Donations from NAFA and the remainder by membership income.  We cannot count on the Share Donations to be as high as they have been in the past.  So what do you think?  Adult w/magazine $35, Adult w/o Magazine $25, Jr. w/ magazine $20?  Just suggestion.

We will also be drawing on our two (2) gun Give-A-Ways that we are taking donations on. The Model 1892 .45 long colt lever action tickets carry a recommended donation of $1.00 each or six (6) for $5.00. The FBU limited edition Ruger Over Under engraved 12 gauge shotgun will have only 100 tickets put out there with a recommended donation of $20.00. Contact any Officer to reserve your tickets today. You may also send your request to the ISTA address with the needed information and I will get them into the drawing for you. The drawings will be held Saturday, Sept. 13, 2014 @ 4pm in Tipton, IN. See the Convention Page coming up.

Director Paul Waldman, Booshway for the Convention writes: I have been working on the Convention when I am not repairing roofs in Kokomo.  As for the convention what I have so far for vendors is Sullivans, Volkers wire cubbies & supplies, Sterling, Jr & Sons, Dunlaps Lures, Hoosier Trap Supply, and Twin Ponds Tannery.  Camping is permitted.  You need to set yourself up with the Office at the Tipton 4-H Fairgrounds.  Inside tables are $20.00 per table for the weekend.  Tail gating is $10.00 for a space for one day, and $15.00 for a space for the weekend.  A space is roughly the size of two cars.  As long as you do not get excessive, everyone is agreeable.  There will be door prizes and contests scheduled throughout the weekend, times TBA.  Food will be available on site and provided by the Tipton County Horse and Pony Club. (Hopefully, I have not heard back from them yet, but we will have something.)  Tickets will be available for the various Gun Give-A-Ways and door prizes.  Get there early and stay late to take full advantage of the weekend.

TENTATIVE ISTA 53rd Convention and Renezvous Schedule

Thursday noon: Setup may begin.

Friday 8am: Buildings open / setup continues.

Friday   9am: TBA

Friday 10am: Mike Volker: Mink and Muskrat

Friday 11am: Jeff Dunlap: K-9s

Friday 12pm: Deric Beroshok:  ADC

Friday   1pm: TBA

Friday   2pm: TBA

Friday   3pm: TBA

Friday   4pm: TBA

Friday   5pm: Member’s Dinner followed by Live Auction

Friday late: Board Meeting

Saturday   8am:  Buildings open

Saturday   9am:  TBA

Saturday 10am:  Member’s meeting

Saturday 11am:  Hal Sullivan: Beaver

Saturday 12pm:  Mike Volker: Coon - Cages, Cubbies, and DP's

Saturday   1pm:  Kids games

Saturday   2pm:  Dennis Cobb:  Fur handling

Saturday   3pm:  Shawn Rossler:  Q&A on otter law process

Saturday   4pm:  Jeff Dunlap:  Otter

Also I was wanting to try and have a trapping photo contest and award a prize to the best photo in an adult and youth group. I will make a post on facebook about all this tomorrow after work and will keep it updated with anything new.  Paul

Officer Nominations PDF Print E-mail


Nominations for ISTA Officers and Board members are now open.   The following positions are up for election:  Vice-President, Treasurer,  One Director, and NTA Representative.  Nominations will close August 1st, 2014.  In addition, the Trapping Education Coordinator position is still open.  If you wish to make a nomination, please check with the person and be sure that they are willing to serve, and then send their name and contact information to President Fred Philips, DVM.  He will get it on the ballot.  Fred may be contacted at 765.938.1806 or via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  Mail may be sent to the ISTA, PO BOX 375, Centerville, IN  47330.

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Fur Sale Results for 2014 PDF Print E-mail

Fur Sale Results

ISTA Jan. 11, 2014


Specie                   #sold           Value                    Mean                    High

Muskrat                   947       $   9,262.25           $  9.78                 $ 14.00

Mink                           60       $      915.00           $ 15.25                 $ 23.00

Raccoon              1,068      $ 14,844.00           $ 13.90                 $ 27.50

Coyote                     112      $   2,039.00            $ 18.21                 $ 24.00

Red Fox                     29      $   1,275.50            $ 43.98                 $ 62.50

Grey Fox                       1      $        40.00            $ 40.00                 $ 40.00

Beaver                        62      $  1,357.50            $ 21.90                 $ 41.00

Skunk                            4      $          7.75             $   1.94                 $   2.25

Opossum                   64      $     126.25             $   1.97                 $   3.25

TOTALS            2348     $  29,867.25

Skins Not Sold     45

This is close.  I still have to track down some minor discrepancies

In my spreadsheet.   I had an error in the Gad-A-Bout table

stating that the High for Muskrat was $19.25.  The Buyer who

was charged that objected and is in negotiations with the

seller to decide on a final price.



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FUR SALE COMING Jan. 10, 2015 PDF Print E-mail
The 2015 Fur Sale will be held January 10, 2015 at the Miami County 4-H Fair grounds located at 1079 W. 200 N., Peru, IN  46970.  The doors will open @8am EST and the sale will commence 10am EST.  This sale is being reorganized this year.  The Buyers will all sit at the East end of the Building.  The registration table will be just inside the double doors on the southside.   There will be three (3) rows of tables that run east and west.   Fur sellers will stay out in the parking lot UNTIL their lot is up to sell.  They will then bring their fur in and place it on the tables for sorting / grading.  The fur will then be slid down the tables, toward the Buyers and the auctioneer, and sold by the LOTS.  ONLY the seller will be allowed up by the Buyers table, all others will need to stay back to control the noise level.  Paying the sellers will be done as before.  If you do not care to sell there, please come and lend a hand.  Questions: call Fred Philips, DVM 765.938.1806
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ATTENTION ALL TRAPPERS IN NORTH EAST INDIANA:  The Soarin' Hawk Raptor Rehab needs food.  That is the birds of prey that they are rehabilitating need a varied diet of wild animals.  They would like to take all of those muskrat, raccoon, and beaver carcasses off of your hands.  They may even be interested in fox, coyote and deer.  They are also in need of fish, preferably whole, but if you have somes fillets that you wish to dispose of, they will be happy to take them off your hands.  Please reach Soarin' Hawk Raptor Rehab at 260-241-0134 or via soarinhawk@gmail.com.  Visit their web site at www.soarinhawk.org to see the photos of what they do or if you would like to arrange to volunteer some time.

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